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    We started this business because we needed to share our knowledge. We have always been the type to help whoever/whenever we could. If we had something to share, we would without hesitation. So we are coming out of retirement to start this business, as we see there is a serious need for this information. It has been 20 years in the making, and we are ready to deliver the goods.

    After going through the financial recession in 2000/2001 then the housing recession in 2008-2011, having to close down our franchise of 3 years(2006), having to do a short sell on our home in Arizona(2011), we have been to the bottom of the credit valley. We never gave up, we paid off over $327,000.00 from the franchise, $85,000.00 in personal debt. Credit scores in the low 590’s to our current score of 821/823/820. We have worked diligently on our credit over the years, but it was more than worth it.

    Here we are nine years later (2020), we have overcome all the issues above. So, after been asked by numerous family members and friends, to share what we have done, and the knowledge that we have acquired to help others. And without hesitation, we decide to share this knowledge with all that will listen. We've gotten certified, bonded, mentored, and courses/training to hone our knowledge. Ensuring we provide the best service we can. We want to pass the information on building, repairing and maintaining your credit, and helping families increase their financial literacy for generations to come.

    Having good/great credit is vital: saving money on interest, qualifying for your home, your car, and the dream job you want. Yes, employers actually do check your credit, along with cellular companies, utility companies and a list of others. Credit can work wonders when used and leverages properly, however, used improperly it can destroy your financial world and cost you thousands of dollars.

    ​We run our business, as a business. We are 100% transparent. We created it based on integrity and customer service. All credit-related services are based on factual disputing. Being veterans of the U.S. Air Force for over 24 years, we know how to take care of those we are charged to care of and that now includes you! We are only as successful as you are, we need you to reach and surpass your financial goals, and we are here to help! That’s how we came up with our slogan; It’s what you leave behind. Only titles, deeds, businesses please.... no clothes, no debts, no bills!

    We understand that we are planting seeds for our children and grandchildren today, trees that we may never see fully grown, let alone, taste the fruit. But we will plant, ensuring they know how to maintain and fertilize them, as they grow to provide for all future generations (7 levels deep) to come! 

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